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The School’s policy on Special Education Needs fully supports the National Code of Practice; inclusive schooling of children with special education needs and the Disability Rights Code of Practice for Schools.  Mrs Wendy Callaghan is the school governor with particular responsibility for special needs.

Our Special Educational Needs policy is regularly updated and sets out the school’s systems for identification, assessment, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating SEN.  Mrs Watts, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator works closely with parents and staff to support the learning and social and behavioural development of children with additional needs.

The school actively promotes equality and our Ofsted 2016 noted:

“Pupils who have special educational needs make excellent progress from their individual starting points. They work with confidence and independence because they are given high quality support.”

Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make exceptional progress because their needs are fully met. Pupils at risk of falling behind are quickly identified and given high quality support to help them to do the best they can.”