School Travel Plan

What is a School Travel Plan?
A School Travel Plan is a living document that sets out a number of practical ways to reduce the amount of car trips made to a school, to encourage more walking, cycling and to improve safety on the school journey.

The Travel Plan aims to raise awareness among pupils and parents of the harmful effects of increasing car use on children’s health, safety and independence.  It raises awareness of the implications of travel choice and the benefits of encouraging more sustainable travel to school.

In general a School Travel Plan aims to:
• Reduce accidents and danger on the journey to school;
• Enable parents and children to choose walking, cycling and public transport with confidence;
• Cut congestion at the school gate;
• Improve children’s health and fitness through walking and cycling;
• Equip children with better road awareness and give them familiarity with public transport;
• Give children the opportunity to have a say in decisions which affect them;
• Provide an interesting focus for class work within the national curriculum;
• Build links within the whole school community;
• Make the area around the school safe and more enjoyable for everyone.

These are high aims indeed. Not all achievable at Wye due to our rural location and the idiosyncrasies of our public transport system.  However, there are undoubtedly ways that we can improve our travelling arrangements and encourage our children to choose healthier modes of transport.

Please click here to look at our School Travel Plan